Antoni Gaudi as the Miracle Man of Barcelona
Barcelona is an overwhelming city full of hidden treasures, which will make your stay there unforgettable. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole wide world and this is what has been attracting tourists globally throughout the year. One of the emblematic figures of Barcelona has been that of Antoni Gaudi, the inspirational architect who has been the mastermind behind some of the finest buildings all over the city. Once you set your foot on Barcelona and you start wandering through the streets looking for exceptional pieces of architectural wonder, you will definitely run into Gaudi’s buildings.

He has been the expressionist of modernism within Barcelona and some of his works are rescued intact even nowadays, making people kneel in front of his inspired talent and his unique mentality. We all know La Sagrada Familia and Parque along with Palacio Güell, Casa Batlló, Casa Mila and Casa Vicens. Modern and vibrant colors are patched together and they are blended most wonderfully along with geometrical forms and surreal items. The decoration is impressive and sometimes transcendental, capturing the attention of all the tourists, as much as the locals who pass by and glimpse at the wonders in front of their eyes.

Antoni Gaudi has been one of the most famous architects that has been acknowledged for his work and has been rewarded as a prominent personality in the history of Barcelona. The fact that the buildings are treasured and remain identical to the original shaping reflects the admiration and the profound respect shown to this architect who has been responsible for the beautification of a whole city and a whole era.

Parque Güell serves as a museum dedicated to Antoni Gaudi, since this had been his residence. However, you are bound to come up with seasonal exhibitions featuring his work in detail and some personal effects and transcripts of his. He is certainly some sort of trademark for Barcelona, to say the least!